If you want to make a really unforgettable and original celebration you should invite professional barmen to your party to make a choreographed performance, which will entertain your guests and will bring them unforgettable pleasure and bright feelings. Flair bartending, also a barmen show, is a bright and energetic artistic performance of barmen with music background. Barmen demonstrate their guests their skills while preparing different cocktails; meanwhile, they perform very complicated tricks, different throws, juggling and balancing, different combinations of elements. The professionals can pour a drink without measuring with the precision  of every gram and catch an ice cube without pouring out a drop of water. There are no limits for fantasy when preparing a show. Barmen can demonstrate quickness of the hand, fire show elements with pyrotechnical effects which are safe indoors, juggle and show different interesting magic tricks. If necessary they can involve the guests into cocktail preparation to make the show more interesting. As a result, you are going to enjoy both big impressions and tasty cocktails.