Bowling is a great kind of sport and an outdoor activity. Also bowling is just a funny and engaging entertainment. For the last time the game of bowling has become a really popular amusement and leisure worldwide. Every person should try playing bowling at least once in a lifetime, and, having tried this joy once, this person will be eager to repeat it. Bowling is a ball game where the main goal is to knock down the pins in a certain order. Each session of bowling consists of 10 stages called frames. Each player is allowed to throw a ball twice during the frame. Depending on the number of the knocked down pins, their combinations, a player scores. The game is rather simple and is appropriate for both small and big groups. By choosing this entertainment, you will be able to enjoy an engaging game as well as cold beer.


The offer includes:

An exciting game;

1 glass of beer per person;

Round-trip transfer.


Duration: up to 2 hours

Minimum group size: 4 persons

Available: all the year round

Price: from 500 UAH per person (based on 6 persons)


Book the service at least 2 days before.