Chernobyl – the greatest tragedy in the world history of nuclear energy in terms of the number of people killed and affected by its consequences. Ghost town from visiting which takes a breath. The place where life stopped in 1986. You read a lot about it, watched movies, saw photos …

It’s time to see it with your own eyes! After visiting this place, your life will no longer be the same! You will feel such emotions, after which the worldview changes! If you are ready, go ahead!

Our company offers you to visit this amazing place together! The tour program includes:

– Comfortable bus that will pick you up from the hotel, which is very convenient;

– Professional guide (English speaking including);

– Insurance;

– Full package of documents allowing visiting the Exclusion Zone;

– Lunch on the spot;

– Exclusive program;

– Small groups.

The advantage of our company is that you do not need to wait for your turn for the trip of the week or month. We organize a tour during 3-4 days.

We can also develop individual tours with the opportunity to see and visit “more”.

Excursion price for foreign citizens– 110 €

Book the service at least 3 days before.