This type of entertainment gives an opportunity to visit the places you won`t find neither in a guide books or when walking around the city. These are the bars where real party animals and fans of good alcohol, music and informal talks with interesting people get together. Not every eager person is allowed to enter to such places because usually they are not intended for a big number of visitors. That`s why they are called `secret` and people get there by references of those who were lucky enough to get inside…

When getting inside, you will be astonished by a wide range of drinks of original service of favourite cocktails as well as absolutely new combinations which at first sight may seem to contain uncombined cocktail ingredients made especially for you!

Employed in such places barmen are usually trained in best barmen schools and they improve their skills both at local and foreign special courses. If you wish you can use the service of a bar guide and s/he will keep you interested for sure. S/he will tell you the details of local culture as well as funny and good drinks.


The offer includes:

Visiting 3 most popular and original bars;

Tasting specialty drink in every place;

A guide (extra fee is charged if you want to enjoy this service).


Duration: all evening

Minimum group size: 4 persons

Available: all the year round

Price: from 900 UAH per person (based on 6 persons)

Guide services not included in price.


Book the service at least 4 days before.