A hen party is a party when friends of a bride get together before the wedding. To hold such events is traditional in many countries. Only females are invited for the party except for a strip-dancer invited by the bride`s friends.

Traditionally, this is a bride`s best friend or a bridesmaid who deals with the arrangement of the party. However, not everyone has experience and time for the organization. That`s why our team J&M has developed a full range of package services. If it happens that all the presented packages fail to satisfy you, we are willing to develop an individual program of the party especially for you as we are experienced in arranging such events.

From our experience hen parties usually start with lunch in a restaurant. After having a ride in a limousine, the girls get to their destination. Having visited a beauty salon, the girls are turned into goddesses of style and beauty. Then after a so-called lunch, bride`s friends carry on having fun in nightclubs, bars, bowlings and other similar public places. In order to avoid commonness and boredom, as an experienced company who knows the ropes, we will help you make a map of your event. And our ideas will not leave you cold. There are several dozens of carried out hen parties under our belt, that`s why we know how to arrange a funny, lively and unforgettable day for you.