Events can be different just like hosts. The person to brighten up your event can be either an easy-going impersonator, a stylish professional with dark humour or a charming actress with a profound voice. It is you to decide who is going to be in charge of the event. All the hosts, whether a celebration or an office party, have their own individuality and advantages. Just imagine how surprised your guests will be when at your celebration they meet a celebrity frequently seen in the screens of their TV-sets. Also, young but talented hosts of parodies, interactive contests, bards, intellectual humour etc. can become the flavour of the event. Many hosts work in a pair which is interesting as well, your guests will be able to get double energy of emotions. Each host will be able to turn your event into an original, funny, interesting and unforgettable celebration. In general, there is a wide choice, but you should decide who is going to energize your event.