This entertainment is great for fans of the unusual. By choosing this service you are sure to be under the impression of all this `crazy` in every sense of the word! To begin with, this is a special closed place which is not easy to find because it is located in one of Kyiv yards without any guide signs. Still when you get inside of this place, the first impression you get is being in a psychiatric hospital…

Waitresses dressed like nurses, drinks in syringes and flasks – all these details create a complete image which reminds a hospital. After you get used to the atmosphere, you will be offered to get a special cocktail treatment and the most disobedient will be dressed in a straight jacket and given a drink with a charming name Lobotomy…


And this is just the beginning of your adventure…


The offer includes:

1 burning special cocktail;

Waitresses dressed like nurses;

1 drink each in a syringe and a flask.


Duration: 2 hours

Minimum group size: 4 persons

Available: all the year round

Price: from 800 UAH per person (based on 6 persons)


Book the service at least 3 days before.