Tandem Skydiving is a perfect option to make your first skydive! Tandem parachute jumping is the safest kind of jumping. “Tandem” Parachute is designed to perform exploratory parachute jumps in pair with an instructor.

A parachuting season starts mainly in the middle of spring and finishes in the middle of autumn, but the weather conditions can influence it. The longer the warm weather lasts, the more opportunities to jump.

Only weather conditions can prevent from jumping: rain, strong wind and high heat.

The jumping usually takes place at weekends. In the morning from 9:00 to 9:30 the instruction procedure starts, you work out jumping elements in the simulator, learn safety rules, work out nonstandard situations (the preparation takes 2-3 hours), and the jumping session starts in the afternoon.

By choosing this kind of entertainment, you will have an opportunity to enjoy the landscape from the bird`s eye view as you float down to the ground. Perhaps it’s high time to make your dream come true, and get adrenaline rush to remember for your whole life.


The offer includes:

Parachute jumping accompanied by an experienced instructor;

Special equipment;

Video shooting;

Round-trip transfer.


Duration: approximately 3 hours 30 minutes including the trip

Minimum group size: 1 person

Available: summer time (from April to October)

Price: from 4000 UAH per person


Book the service at least 7 days before.