An extreme ride in a military armored reconnaissance and patrol vehicle BRDM-2 will touch anyone`s feelings.

This vehicle with a bulletproof body and high mobility can cover water distances with ease even when it`s stormy. The interior of the machine has a modern sound system and starlight camera programmed with 4 corners. More than 50 countries have been using BRDM-2 in their military forces. It can reach the speed up to 100 km per hour, which is rather fast for such a type of a vehicle.

During the extreme ride you will be able to go for a ride by land as well as by water, fully experiencing the durability of a military armored vehicle and get adrenaline rush for the whole day! This mighty engine will make you feel like a real fighter and spend well-remembered time with friends, colleagues and the loved ones! Also this offer can become a great gift for any celebration.


The offer includes:

A guide and an instructor;

Round-trip transfer.


Duration: 1 hour

Minimum group size: 4 persons

Available: all the year round

Price: from 1500 UAH per person


Book the service at least 5 days before.