As a rule, the main task after arriving at the airport of any country is to get to the city because airports are usually located outside the city. So you can`t do without a transfer…off course you can take a regular bus which takes passengers from the city to the airport or call a taxi. But if we`re talking about comfort, convenience and a group of more than 3 people, the service of ordering transfer would be the best option!

  1. We assure you will be met with a nameplate (if necessary) and will get a hand with your baggage.

  2. You can choose an auto for 4-8 people to sit in the same car! It is important to stay together, if you don`t know the city!

  3. You are to pay a fixed sum of money agreed in advance and we assure you won`t be cheated on money.

After the flight a comfortable transfer will become the best beginning of your trip!